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Our Air Lite™ polymer backers are the ultimate lightweight backer.  There is no sacrifice in strength as we use our proprietary DuPont blend that went through many years of iteration before we released it to the market back in 1998. As stud lengths have gotten longer the Air Lite backer evolved to an XL version allowing more support without the weight of a taller nut.  Air Lite XL backers are for studs 1.175" and longer.  Air Lite SP backers are meant to be paired with single-ply studs.

The ultimate material

Plastic has consistently replaced their metal counterparts on snowmobiles for over 25 years. Snowmobile stud backers are no different. Our polymer backers often referred to as plastic backers, offer many benefits of aluminum and steel. The most significant advantage is the weight savings, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Plastic backers will not bend and stay bent like their metal counterparts, which is often the cause of a tear-out. Our Airlite backer's edge features radiuses eliminating any sharp edges digging into the track. The proprietary material and manufacturing process is unmatched and will not find a more reliable plastic backer.

Airlite Round and Square backers

Our original Airlite backers.  First released in 1998, It’s ideal for our 1.000” and 1.075” Snowmobile Studs. Round is easier to install as there is no orientating to make sure they are straight. Square has a little bit more surface area for a bit more bite.

Airlite XL Backers

When it comes to studs 1.175” and up, larger nuts become required to prevent bending. Luckily the Airlite XL backer eliminates the need of a taller nut on stud sizes 1.175”, 1.325” and 1.375.” It provides superior stud support as the backer provides foundation like support from the bottom up, not just the area that is covered by the nut. With this backer, you can run small tall nuts for studs that require more support like the 1.450” 1.500”, 1.575”, 1.625”, 1.875”, and 1.920.” Available in both round and square in Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow.

Airlite SP Backers

The Airlite SP is the XL enlarged to pair with single-ply studs for tracks found on al Ski-Doo snowmobiles model year 2008 and up. A few Arctic Cat and Yamaha snowmobile models have single-ply tracks since 2009.  Please check our application recommendation here to see if your snowmobile has one. Only available in round in Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, White, and Yellow.

Airlite Double Backers

Double backers are available in standard, XL, and SP varieties. For those looking for the most hookup on the trails, these are the backers for you. It can run in patterns that feature just doubles or both double and single backers. For 1.000” and 1.075,” the standard double is recommended. The  XL version is for all 1.175” and up Top Gun II studs, and SP doubles can be run with both 1.175” and up Top Gun II and Top Gun SP series studs. The SP is a popular option for those with a two-ply track that are also running XL round backers to match the look.