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Installation Tools

A few key tools are needed when installing Fast-Trac traction products.  A track cutting tool is needed as a drill bit will damage the track.  Our Top Gun™ studs utilize a T-25 torx, allowing you to deliver that punch to bring the stud flush into the track without stripping.  All tools are designed to last a lifetime of stud installs.

Track Cutting Tool

Your snowmobile track has thousands of nylon cords running horizontally through your track. These cords provide the strength needed for your track to handle all the stress your snowmobile puts on it. Using a standard drill bit will cause these nylon cords to wrap around the bit and pull out the cords; this will permanently weaken and damage the track.

The track cutting tool does cut through the track and has no edges to grab any of the nylon cords. It penetrates the track due to heat generated from the friction of the track bit spinning against the rubber. The track cutting tool is heat treated and can be used for a countless amount of installs.

T-25 Torx Wrench

An affordable option to make tightening of the stud easier. Simple and straight forward to use.

T-25 Torx Bit

The best solution to use with a ratchet on installs. The most flexible option when you have multiple tools on hand.