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Fast-Trac Top Gun™ studs are the lightest stud on the market.  All studs are stainless steel heat treated to a Grade 8 bolt for maximum longevity and feature a 5/16 shank.  The carbide tip goes all the way to first thread and is silver soldered for maximum wear resistance.  We make no sacrifices when manufacturing our product so you don't have to sacrifice time on the trail.

Superior Design
Top Gun snowmobile trail studs are ready for all the miles you can throw at them. The stud design allows for excellent integration into the track, allowing for easier install and flush head in the track. We accomplish this with a shoulder-less design and thin profile head that does not allow the backer to bottom on the stud before it is even with the track. This means longer laster running gear, no vibrations, and a stud that will last longer in the track.

Rust Free
The stainless body our studs are made of will not rust. Corrosion is never a good look on your snowmobile especially when it comes time to save that, our Top Gun Studs eliminates that and will keep your sled looking good no matter how long you own it. Combine it with our Air Lite backer and Stainless or Top Gun Tall Nut, and you will have a 100% Rust Free setup.

High-Grade Carbide Tip
All of our snowmobile studs feature a carbide tip that goes down to the first thread. It is an 80º mining grade carbide tip that is ready for the trails you want to throw at it. The tip is silver soldered to the stud body for a superior hold that will keep the carbide seated for the life of the stud.

Torx Socket
Our studs use a T25 Torx instead of the Allen for the maximum strip resistance. Nobody wants to ruin a stud during install, and our Torx socket makes tightening a breeze.

Heat Treated To Perfection
For us to manufacture the longest-lasting stud, it needs to be heat treated to a Grade 8 bolt. The most popular methods for heat-treating are batch and individual. All of our snowmobile studs are individually heat-treated to maximize consistency. If a stud price is too good to be true and you had bad luck with studs breaking or bending, it is most likely due to a poorly executed batch heat treat. With batch heat treating temperature zones can develop that is hotter and colder than manufacturing specification. It causes the product to be under or overheat treated, resulting in soft studs that bend too easily or brittle studs that break upon contact of a hard object. Our individual heat-treating process has been done the same for the 30+ years we’ve been in business, and one of the main reasons our reputation for the longest-lasting studs exists.

Not sure which size stud your track needs, check out our application finder here.