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Here at Fast-Trac we feature 3 types of nuts.  Zinc lock nuts are an affordable option for a reliable lock nut.  Stainless steel for a rust free application and our patented Top-Gun™ tall nut with thin profile to maximize penetration on on snowmobile studs over 1.500" and longer.

Zinc Lock Nut

If you are looking to save some money, the zinc-plated steel lock nut is an easy place to start. The rust-resistant coating can last years and is a reliable nut that will not fail. Meant for all push through studs with a 5/16th shank.

Stainless Steel Lock Nut

The stainless steel lock nuts will not rust, and they are a bit lighter than their zinc plated counterparts. When used in combination with our Top Gun Studs and Airlite Backers, it will be a totally rust free setup. We are the only snowmobile traction company on the market to offer this.

Top Gun Tall Nuts

For stud kits going on tracks with taller lugs, you’ll need more support than just the backer to keep your stud from bending. Our patented tall nut features a tapered edge to maximize penetration and eliminate weight. Milled from aircraft-grade aluminum, the nuts are strong and light. Available in 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4” heights. 

We recommend for a 1.500” and taller stud when using our Airlite XL or SP backer. If running a standard backer, we recommend 1.375” and up. Install with red thread locker.