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Studding 101

 Why stud a snowmobile?

Studding a snowmobile provides the driver added control in all situations whether you are looking for an improved hole shot to climbing an icy incline.

How many studs should I put in my snowmobile?

There are two main factors that dictate how many studs to put into your snowmobile, engine size and track length. Check out our stud chart to find the correct application for your snowmobile.

What size stud should I use?

The ideal length puts the stud over the track lug by 1/4"-3/8", any longer and the stud tends to deflect instead of giving traction and any shorter tends not to penetrate the running surface. Check our application chart for the correct size for your snowmobile.

What size studs require tall nuts?

We recommend using tall nuts for 1.500" size and up studs when using our Air Lite XL backer. Recommended sizes are 1/2" nut for 1.500", 5/8" nut for our 1.625" and 3/4" nut for our 1.920" stud.


Do I need to do anything before I put studs in my snowmobile?

Yes, you must verify that your snowmobile has tunnel protection. We do not sell tunnel protectors and advice that you only install OEM tunnel protection kits. Also it is recommended that install new runners with at least 6" of carbide for a balanced drive.

Can I use a drill pit to drill holes into the track?

No, snowmobile tracks have cords in the track that get tangled in the bit and there is a possibility of pulling them out and ruining a track. We make a special track cutting tool just for this purpose and can be purchased here.

What is the torque spec on the Air Lite backers?

We do not have a specific recommended torque spec for our stud kits due to different hardnesses of the track. The stud is finished being installed once it sits flush in the track, this is generally between 10-20 ft/lbs.

 Order Information

 How long till my order ships?

All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days.

How long will it take to get my order?

Most midwest states are within 1-2 days of transit. Click here for a detailed shipping map.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Return of items is accepted within 30 days and exchanges within 90 days. You must contact us first to obtain a RGA for returning product.