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Fast-Trac Industries, Inc. agrees to warrant it’s manufactured product from defects in material and workmanship used for it’s intended purpose. Use on any surface other then snow or ice voids warranty. The forgoing does not include liability for damage or injury proximately caused by defective material or workmanship, but is limited to repair or replacement of the manufactured product at the option of the manufacturer and it’s sole discretion. Misuse, neglect, alterations or accidental damage is not included in this limited warranty. Failure of a user to give notice of claim as to defects claimed with in 30 days of knowledge of such defects is mutually agreed to be waived by the customer of all claims with respect to such goods and merchandise. No expense, implied or statutory warranty other than that set forth herein is made by Fast-Trac Industries, Inc.


Do not use Fast-Trac Traction Products in combination with other manufacture’s traction products. Track damage could occur and will null and void any warranty.