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Studding the Polaris Patriot Boost and Camso R-rated tracks - VR1 and Assault models

Polaris released their turbo 850 trail snowmobiles for 2023, and with it comes a bunch of new stud questions. The machines are equipped with an R-rated track. So what exactly does that mean when it comes to studding it?

CAMSO R-rated track

The Camso R-rated track is 2-ply with one row of cords extra thick. This is a very strong track and does not need the more oversized studs used for 1-ply tracks.

Studding the Boost - Quantity

Like all of our 850 recommendations, we advise going at least 3 per row on these machines. Studding the outside of the R-rated track is fine as long as you have throttle discipline in lean conditions. It’s probably the best track from Camso to stud the outside with the extra reinforcement. It is possible to run 4 per row down the center if you use all double backers, and you’ll end up with 32 scratch lines with our templates.

Studding the Boost - Height

The two studdable tracks that come with this sled are the 1.00” ripsaw and 1.35 Cobra. Our recommendation stays the same for 3/8” penetration despite the horsepower. For the 1” lug, you’ll want to use our 1.175” Top Gun II. For the 1.35 Cobra, the lug is only 1.25”, so we recommend our 1.375” Top Gun II.

As tempting as it might be, we don’t recommend running a 1.375” stud in the 1” lug as that is 5/8” penetration. You are asking too much of both the track and stud. For the 1.35” running a 1.500 Top Gun II stud is 1/2” of penetration and what we consider the max feasible size to run. Keep in mind running outside of our recommendation does void the warranty.

Studding the Boost - Pattern

Our recommendation is to keep things simple and use our TracSpec patterns. They are already maximized for scratch lines, hookup and balance. We always advise the same amount of studs per row to ensure a balanced pattern with the load spread evenly across your track. If you want to run something outside the norm, let us know, and we can draw it up for you.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to the Boost. No single-ply studs are needed as the track is stronger than the typical 2-ply used on turbo 4-stroke sleds for years. Do not try and overcompensate for height instead of quantity. Our recommendation is always in your best interest! If you have any other questions about studding your Boost, email us at