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TracSpec™ Snowmobile Stud Templates

TracSpec™ printable templates takes a different approach to mark your track for drilling.  Off the shelf templates are limited to 6 unique rows and often compromise the pattern effectiveness in order to make it universal.  TracSpec™ templates utilize up to 18 rows of unique placement.

Our library of templates are specific to the track, backer style and quantity.  Print it at home, cut it out and you have maximum scratch lines placed in the strongest part of the track.  In a fraction of the time you achieve the same results it take professionals hours to lay out.

Access to the TracSpec™ printable template library is included with the stud kit, a $40 value.  A link to the templates is emailed upon checkout.

TracSpec™ Templates are PATENT PENDING.

Just a printer, scissors, hole punch and marker turn this:

TracSpec™ Snowmobile Stud Template 2 per rowTracSpec™ Snowmobile Stud Template 3 per row

Into perfect spacing, maximum scratch lines, in the strongest part of the track:

TracSpec™ Template on snowmobile track