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Snowmobile Studs For 1.35 Track

The Cobra track at 1.35” is one of the most popular tracks as it has great loose snow performance for those that like to play off trail. All snowmobile manufactures have used this track on their models.

A 1.35 inch lug Cobra track takes a 1.325’ or 1.375” snowmobile stud.  No that isn’t a typo, the Cobra track actually has an effective lug height of 1.25 and has 1/8” nubs on the top to give it the extra height on paper.  Still confused?  You can read more in detail here.

To measure the track lug height, you need to measure from the top of the track.  Measuring from the bottom will give you an inflated number resulting in too long of a stud.

Curious if your snowmobile has this track?  Enter details on your sled below and our guide will inform you of the OEM track.