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Cobra Snowmobile Track Stud Sizing

The Cobra snowmobile track by Camso is one of the most popular tracks used for trail and crossover snowmobiles due to it's great performance in loose snow.  Unlike lug heights on most tracks the Cobra's varies at certain points due to 0.1" knobs on top of the lug and these knobs count towards for the overall height.  

1.352" Camso Cobra Track with 1.375" Snowmobile Stud Kit
As you can see from the picture the vast majority of the 1.352" Cobra track comes in at 1.25" and for this reason our recommended length is our 1.375" Top Gun Kit.  The same thing applies to the 1.6" Cobra, it has a lug close to 1.500" so we recommend our 1.625" Top Gun Kit.  This lug sizing has confused a lot of people and rightly so as it goes against 30+ years of lug to stud sizing on paper.  
For those that like to run a more aggressive stud length than the recommended 1/4"-3/8" penetration, keep in mind the Cobra is a softer track that will flex more and expose the stud to more stress which can lead to premature wear.