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The stud kit is an awesome product

I bought a stud kit from
Fast-Trac never install the kit before. Talk to the technical support with their YouTube page. It was extremely easy. Save me about $400. It took me only about three hours start to finish for the first time installing a stud kit. Very happy with the product

Top Gun II 96 studs on 2021 Polaris 600 Indy XC

I purchased one of your Top Gun II kits for my sled last year and finally got around to installing them last week. The install went well considering I did it in the back of my trailer with no lift. 96 stud kit took me only 4 hours which is longer than the estimate on your site, but I am not complaining and very happy. The kit was installed on a 2021 Polaris 600 Indy XC (now nicknamed "Flamethrower") and taking it's first trip next week near St Germain. Thanks!

PS For the complaints about pushing the studs through, I found it easier to push them through immediately after drilling while the track is still hot/soft from drilling. I drilled 6-8 at a time which also made cutting easier as the tool cuts better when hot.

Awesome customer service and superb product

I spoke with Chris and his father regarding what I needed for my sled. I ordered the product they sent single backers which I thought I was supposed to get the doubles and singles so I reached out to Chris and he shipped me out double backers along with the extra backer for drilling you told me to send them back what I didn't use. Chris was very responsive to his emails will definitely use their product again. I'm also pretty sure Sunday evening he was messaging me when I had questions since this is the first time I've ever started my own track.

Girl Power Activated!

Thank you for everything! I appreciate the personal attention in calling me in response to my email, making a special template to meet my needs (or wants), and then taking the time to email the template to me during weekend hours. A+ in my book!

(Sled: 2015 Polaris Switchback Pro-S; Order: 120 studs, 120 red single backers, stainless nuts, came with install kit and template-complimentary).

I have been riding since I was a little kid, but never needed to install my own studs, since as an adult my sleds already had them installed. After riding all winter last year in extremely cold and icy conditions, I decided that I was going to take on the job before riding this winter. Well, I did it! First thing I said to myself when I put that last stud in was, "Girl Power!" I did this install on my own! My husband, dad and brother...very impressed! Especially since my brother was quoted over $800 to have his done by someone else. Of course I used the Fast-Trac's instructions, install kit, template and youtube video. The video made everything so much easier. The only thing that I did differently so that I was "multi-tasking", and maintaining interest on a very cold night, was to make the holes at the top, moving the track toward me (as seen in the video), and when I could get to the holes underneath, I would push the studs through as shown in the video (drill top, insert stud bottom, drill top, insert stud bottom, repeat...). When I got around the track, my studs were ready for the backers and nuts. YOUTUBE LINK:

I rode my sled about 350-375 miles in all types of conditions last week (groomed, moguls, secondary very rough, roads, etc.) in Oswego, Lewis and Jefferson Counties of NY. Needless to say, I am a female rider that likes to do my best to "keep up with the guys", so I wasn't taking it easy on these studs, except on the bare roads. Gotta say... I am extremely happy with my Fast-Trac studs!!

Recommended! Happy riding with Lotsa snow, Lorrie

Top Gun SP as tough as they get!

1.5 ice ripper just didn’t cut it for an old traditional stud guy. But some Top Gun SP studs brought it right back to life!


Great guys to work with. Very helpful and recommending the right studs for your sled. Top notch product. Templates are easy to use. Highly recommend.

Top of the line products

great flush fit, lighter and stronger than outher brands!!! 108 studs,retainers and stainless nuts. 6.67 lbs - less rotating mass than outher brands, I now know where I'm purchasing traction products for my outher two machines

Awesome product

Highly recommend Fast-Trac studs, night and day difference, like making your snowmobile 4 wheel drive!!!

Great product

This studs hook up great! I was given extras which was nice. My only complaint was that I didn't receive any template. Overall great product.

They grip

Used them for the first time last weekend out on the lake and they hook up hard

Great product!

Stud kit was at my door in less than 48 hours. Easy install and they work great! I have these on both my sleds and have no complaints.

Awesome studs!

Great studs, great company. Chris was very friendly and helpful. The included template was a nice addition. Green backers match my sled nicely.

F6 sno-pro 153 stud kit

Just finished the install. Came out absolutely 💯 perfect 🥰. Felt like I was drilling for days but can't wait to try it.
So nice that now I'm ordering ☺ a setup for my wife's sled now because I feel bad that mine is so nice. 🙂 Thanks.


Your studs are well centered rings on top and teeth under head, no chips in tooling, threads are off set unlike automotive fasteners, I like the tall lock nut this offset thread and nut must work together as I see a small metal burr developed when they become tight and yes I used red locktight. Installation got a ruff start due to the 3 template downloads did not line up, used the single backers, ended up moving over some holes in template. After all that my buddy drilled and I pushed in studs while holes were still hot. They look pretty beefy on the track. Can't wait to get some good snow to try them out.

My favorite studs

I have always been happy with the Customer service, and product knowledge that Fast-Trac provides prior, and during the sale process. Their stainless steel studs and DuPont backers are the best in my opinion. I have never had a bent stud, or lost a carbide insert.

129” 135 studs with double and single backers

Great stud pattern sled hooks up great now. Everyone at fast-trac was very helpful!

Top gun stud kit

Great product easy install. Just need snow

Great studs 1.325

Haven't got to use them much with the trails still being closed. But from riding around the yard, been good so far!!! Love the backers!! Think they will hold up well!!


Quality products

Best traction products for the trail!
Fast service, shipping, top notch quality of product, & excellent fit up.

Top Gun II Stud Kit (1.175"-1.375")


Easy install.

102 studs

Very satisfied, appreciated the tech support and scag recommendation for my 05 Sabercat.

102 top gun 11

very happy right down to installing seems to be a quality product!

Top Gun II

The studs are great, and customer service was amazing; I wish the drill punch was just slightly larger diameter. I ended up using my old punch from woodys, it was near impossible to push the studs through using the supplied drill bit.