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How to tell the difference between a two ply and a single ply track

Starting in 2008 Ski-Doo and Camso (Camoplast at the time) changed the snowmobile world by creating a lightweight track that sheds about 5-10lbs depending on length. They called this new track a single ply, and for those unfamiliar with Snowmobile track construction, it has nothing to do with the rubber. A ply refers to the nylon cords that run through the track. Forever tracks were only available in 2-ply construction. As material technology advanced and Ski-Doo’s new XP chassis looked to shed weight in every possible way, the single-ply track was born. Arctic Cat and Yamaha followed suit and put the single-ply track on some models, while Polaris has stayed with the 2-ply.

Spotting The Difference

So can you tell a single-ply track from a two-ply track just by looking at it? Well, yes, you can if you know where to look. The tracks look, feel, and thickness is identical to the two-ply counterpart, but if you look at the side of the track through the window, you can see the cords. A single-ply track will only have one row of cords while a two-ply track will have two rows. It’s the only visual cue you can use to tell the two types of tracks apart.

Single ply track on left with 1 row of cords, Two ply on the right with 2 rows

For single-ply tracks, we offer our Top Gun SP line that features a larger diameter stud head and backer to provide more surface area to compensate for the weaker track. The single-ply kits come with a stainless nut, and the thin profile head allows the bigger head to sit flush into the track and not beat up the running gear.

Single ply track stud next to a two ply track stud

Top Gun II series stud on the left, Top Gun SP stud on the right

Our stud application guide lets you know if your snowmobile features a single-ply track but a few quick facts to know about the OEM’s and the models can help.

-All Ski-Doo models 2008 to present have a single-ply track.
-Polaris has only put 2-ply tracks on their snowmobiles
-Arctic Cat and Yamaha have equipped some snowmobiles with single-ply tracks, primarily crossover models starting in 2009.

Want to find out right now if your sled came with a single ply or two ply track?  Enter your snowmobile in the guide below: