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How Studs Are Measured

One of the most confusing things with snowmobile studs is the how they are measured.  Before the push through studs were the default stud everyone used there was a style called T-nut.  This consisted of the stud with threads at the bottom of it that screw into a t-nut on the bottom of the track.  The stud height was measured from the base up and did not include the thread.  This measurement was the effective length of the stud.  When push through studs came out, they adopted the effective length measurement system.  

With this system their are two measurements, the advertised effective length and the overall length.  This presents two possible ways that the correct application can be misinterpreted and you end up with the wrong size stud.  First is measuring the lug height from the bottom of the track and not the top, this will give you a height that is longer than it really is and you will end up with two long of a stud.  The second is confusing the effective length for the overall length.  This will also put you with a stud that is too tall.

We aren't big fans of this measurement system and feel if we tried correcting would only create more confusion.


The advertised snowmobile stud length is considered the effective length and not the overall length of the stud.  

Here are are the overall length of our studs:

Effective Length  Overall Length
1.000" 1.375"
1.075" 1.425"
1.175" 1.525"
1.325" 1.675"
1.375" 1.725"
1.500" 1.850"
1.625" 1.950"
1.920" 2.225


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