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Application For Aftermarket Tracks

If you have an aftermarket track on your snowmobile you will need to know a couple things.  Track length, lug height (measure from top of track if unsure) and HP of the machine.  You will also want to verify if you'll have enough clearance in the tunnel for studs.

We wil start with track length, this will be used with the amount of power to determine the quantity.

This chart shows how many track windows based on track length:

Track Length  Track Windows
120 42
121 48
128 51
129 45
133 53
136 54
137 48
141 47
144 57
146 51
151 60
154 54
156 62


Next we will multiply the track windows based on horsepower of the sled to determine quantity of the kit.

 Horsepower Studs Per Track Window
0-110 2
111-130 2 or 3
131-180 3 or 4
180+ 4+


We can now determine the quantity.  For example a 129" Track with 125 HP should run a kit with 90 or 135 Studs.  The more aggressive a rider the more you should run.

Now we will determine the size needed for the kit based on lug height.  If you do not know your lug height make sure to measure it from the top of the track.

Lug Height  Stud Size
0.82" 1.000"
0.88" 1.000"
0.91" 1.075"
1" 1.175"
1.25" 1.375"
1.352" Cobra 1.375"
1.375" 1.500"
1.500" 1.625"
1.6" Cobra 1.625"
1.75" 1.920"


Last thing to determine for the kit is if the track is Single-ply or 2-ply.   Your best option is to find the track model number on it and look it up.  Single ply kits take Top Gun SP kits, 2-Ply kits take Top Gun II.

You now have all the information to help determine the stud kit you need for your snowmobile.  If you still have questions or are unsure contact us.

1.000-1.075" Top Gun II Kit

1.175-1.375" Top Gun II Kit

1.500-1.920" Top Gun II Kit

1.175-1.625" Top Gun SP Kit