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How many studs for a 146 track

The 146” track is becoming the new go to for cross over sleds.  Mainly featured on the Arctic Cat Riot, Polaris Assault Matryx, Ski-Doo Renegade Backcountry and some of the Yamaha XTX model.

A 146 track has a 2.86” pitch (space between lugs) giving it 51 windows.

A 2 studs per row pattern is 102 studs.

A 3 studs per row pattern is 153 studs.

A 4 studs per row pattern is 204 studs.

The 2 per pattern is ideal for 600 and smaller engines.  It is also the recommendation from Ski-Doo for all sized engines but may leave some aggressive riders wanting more traction.

The 3 and 4 per row pattern is common on the 600cc, and up.  It offers great traction for those wanting to ride more aggressive.

The Ski-Doo model does come with a 1-ply track and requires an SP stud kit.

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