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Studding the SKI-DOO MXZ XRS With Competition Package 850 Etec Turbo R

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Studding the 850 Turbo R

With the Ski-Doo MXZ XRS 850 Turbo R making it to dealers, there have been some serious developments in the production models that significantly affect how this machine is studded. 

This year, there are a couple of deviations from Ski-Doo’s typical track setups that affect the stud options available to install in factory trim.


Limited Space With 9 Tooth Drivers

9 tooth driver on Ski Doo MXZ XRS 850 turbo R


Photo courtesy of John Gibbs

One fact that went under the radar as it did not show up in the spec sheet is the move from an 8-tooth driver to a 9-tooth. So what does that mean? There is much less clearance between the front exchanger and the track than previous Ski-Doo models, about a half inch less. Running the recommended 1.375 or 1.325” stud is not a problem, but anything taller will not safe clear. 

If you want to run a longer-than-recommended stud, you’ll need to switch to 8-tooth drivers for that additional clearance. We advise against this as it puts unneeded stress on the track and studs.

Our recommendation for the 1.25” Ripsaw will always be the 1.375” stud, which will put you around 3/8” over the lug. It is the sweet spot between traction and longevity.  



Track Ply

The vast majority of tracks that have come on Ski-Doo models since 2008 have been single-ply and require larger single-ply studs. When most Ski-Doo users think studs, it’s a default for the single-ply kits because that’s what 99% of their stock tracks are. For the MXZ 850 Turbo R, Ski-Doo opted to run a 2-ply track on this model. We feel this is an excellent move for customers, which allows you to run the lighter 2-ply studs and place studs in the outside windows for maximum traction. It does open up the possibilities to get your traction needs.


Center Tunnel Protector and templates

center tunnel protector on Ski Doo MXZ 850 XRS Turbo R

Photo courtesy of John Gibbs

With the track being a 2-ply, people will not be constrained to a single-ply template. A word of caution is many 2-ply templates place studs in the path of the front tunnel protector in the center of the tunnel. You must avoid using any templates that do and leave the necessary space open for the protector. All of our TracSpec Templates did not place the studs in that location and are okay to use.


Traction Setups

144 Pattern

The 144 pattern is a 3 per row pattern that runs on the center of the belt. It will give you good performance in acceleration and braking. It still allows the rear end a bit of sliding in the corners and is suitable for your average rider who isn’t concerned with maximizing performance. With our templates, you’ll get 42 scratch lines from this setup. You can run singles or a double-single combo as well.

3 per row with XL Single and SP Double Backers

3 per row with XL Round Backer

192 Pattern

Studding the outside is a luxury only typically available to Ski-Doo owners with switching to a 2-ply track. On the MXZ 850 Turbo R, it can be done out of the box. If you want maximum traction in the stock setup, this is the way to go. It is a 4 per row pattern that utilizes the outside windows on every other row. With our TracSpec Templates, you’ll have about 50 unique scratch lines to make use of your stud kit. This pattern can be run with all single backers or a combination of single and double backers.

4 per row with SP Double Backer

4 per row with XL Round Backer



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