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5 Great Beginner Snowmobiles For 2022-2023

Posted by Christopher Weiland on

Updated: 4/25/22

Getting into snowmobiling may be intimidating, but buying a new one can be both affordable and give you a warranty to keep you on the snow. The manufactures have done a great job building entry-level snowmobiles and this year feature technology that was only available on top of the line machines years ago.

1. Arctic Cat Blast ZR $8,699

The Blast is back for the 22/23 season! Arctic Cat entered the mid-size market last year with its Blast series, and it's a hit. It features a 397cc engine and 121" track. It's great for people with a smaller build as it is a more nimble sled to handle and will not be overwhelmed by power. This sled is a limited release as it's only available during Arctic Cat preseason order windows.

2. Polaris Indy Evo $7,399

Back for the 22/23 season, the Indy Evo is also great for people with a smaller build. It features a 550 fan as low maintenance, reliable engine. It sits on Polaris's pro-ride chassis with a lower height for a more comfortable cornering and effortless ride. It's by far the most reasonable sled of the bunch.

3. Polaris Indy 121 $8,999

The Indy 121 is a full-size model and great for any adult's first snowmobile. The 550 fan is less maintenance and still plenty of power to keep the fun factor high. This model also sits on a Polaris Pro-Ride chassis, which is well regarded for its maneuverability. 

4. Ski-Doo MXZ Sport $8,999

Back again for 2022, the MXZ Sport was rejuvenated and moved up to the G4 chassis in 2021. It's the same one all of the high dollar MXZs are on! Also new for this year, the 600 motors have been upgraded from carburetor to EFI. Making for easier starting and less maintenance. This is a tremendous first full-size snowmobile for anyone. It is the highest-priced entry-level sled and packs much more advanced technology and is an excellent bang for the buck!

5. Yamaha SX Venom MSRP $8,999

As Yamaha's partnership continues, they have come out with their version of the Blast ZR. It features the same 397cc motor, 121" track and chassis but equipped with Yamaha plastic. If you are a die-hard Yamaha fan, this is an excellent entry sled for you. Also, with Arctic Cat having no in-season sales, you can get your hands on this snowmobile year-round from your local Yamaha dealer.

6. Ski-Doo MXZ Neo MSRP $6,399

New for the 2023 model year, Ski-Doo enters the mid size market to compete with Arctic Cat’s Blast, Polaris’ Evo and Yamaha’s SX Venom.  This model is based on the Gun 4 chassis and is equipped with a detuned 600 efi motor.  The Neo has 40hp and the Neo+ has 55hp.  These models sit lower to the ground, are lightweight so younger, smaller riders can have a machine they can easily control.  These models feature a 120” track and reverse as well.

As all the manufactures still face supply chain shortages, being able to walk into a dealership to buy one of the sleds below is rare.  If you did not snowcheck one of the below machines, you may have a tough time getting one.  The used market is a great option and we have a great article on the best ways to find and get the best deal on one of these used snowmobiles here. 

You cannot go wrong with any of these entry-level snowmobiles. The Evo, Blast, Neo and SX Venom are smaller and more manageable for teenagers and young adults. The Indy 121 and MXZ Sport are full-sized and are great picks for your first snowmobile as an adult. They are all lightweight and forgiving for novice riders.

One of the best ways to enhance a snowmobile to make the handling predictable and give new riders confidence in all trail conditions is the addition of snowmobile studs.  All these beginner models would call for a lower amount of studs making the kits just as affordable as these snowmobiles.  To see what stud kit is right for your new snowmobile, check out our guide here.


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