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Why Top Gun Stud Kits Have No Torque Spec

A question that comes often is what to torque our Top Gun Stud Kits to.  We recommend whatever torque amount it takes for the stud head to sit flush in the track, generally between 10-15 ft/lbs.  

The reason we do not have a specific torque spec is due to our studs not having a shoulder on our stud head.  

Other stud kits are designed for the backer to bottom out on the stud head but our kits are not designed to bottom out.  Snowmobile tracks have different thickness and hardness so the bottom out design doesn't always result in stud and backer sitting flush.  A lot of stud kits with this design result in nuts coming loose or backers spinning, increasing chance of pull out.


This cutaway track view of our competitor on the left vs our stud kits on the right best illustrates the advantage of the shoulerless design as the track is compressed evenly and head is able to be sucked flush without pinching.  As you can see the advantage is huge and why we will never have a specific torque spec.