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Snowmobile Studs for Ice Fishing

Snowmobiles are a valuable tool for ice fishing and a superior winter vehicle to ATVs. Whether it's getting across the lake or pulling the ice shack on and off, snowmobiles are a great tool to enhance the ice fishing experience. One thing that is key for a snowmobile to be effective is traction products such as snowmobile studs.


Why Stud For Ice Fishing

While ice fishing is guaranteed with cold weather, snow is not. Snowmobiles are built to perform on snow, but they lose much handling on ice out of the box. Adding studs to your snowmobile track allows you to navigate the lakes easily, regardless of the snowpack on top. Studs shine when towing ice shacks, as you will have the grip to pull them regardless of conditions. It's similar to 4WD in a car; you won't need it in all conditions, but the ones you do, you'll be glad you have them!


What Type Of Studs For Ice Fishing

The most common stud you'll find is a carbide tip trail stud. It's the most versatile and longest-lasting snowmobile stud on the market. These characteristics make it the best option for snowmobiles dedicated to ice fishing. They'll allow you to safely navigate lakes, rivers, and ponds in all conditions and give traction to tow the ice shack. It will also help with the machine's resale value as it will maintain appeal to a broad audience!


How Many Studs For An Ice Fishing Snowmobile?

Suppose you are strictly using the snowmobile for navigational purposes. In that case, you can go with the minimum amount listed in our product recommendation for your snowmobile. The higher option is more for performance, which differs from the #1 priority. Most ice anglers use sleds below 800cc, and will be good with 2 per row.


Other Things To Consider

Tunnel protection is required to run snowmobile studs. These are usually plastic or aluminum strips that add clearance to the tunnel. If your snowmobile bottoms out, the studs won't make contact and cause damage. The majority will require adding the tunnel protectors, but there are some out there with them built in from the factory.

An additional thing to consider is upgrading the carbides on your skis. If you are driving on glare ice, worn carbides make turning hard, and a studded track will make it worse. A nice 6" carbide with a 90-degree angle will serve you well on the ice!


Questions On Studding

If you have any questions about what kit to use for your snowmobile, feel free to reach out, and we can point you in the right direction. Our kits come with the template; the only thing you need in addition to the kit is the tracking cutting tool or install tools kit. We make studding easy and are quick to respond with any questions. And we can walk you through the installation.

Thank you for reading; we've helped many fishermen add the traction they need to make their ice-fishing snowmobile. I have no doubt you'll immensely enjoy the improved handling!