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Snowmobile Studs for 1" Track

The 1.000” lug is a common lug height on entry level snowmobiles and was a popular track on the flagship trail models in the early 00s.  Ski-Doo equipped their XP chassis sleds with a singly ply version for a few years.

The recommended size for the 1 inch lug track is a 1.175” snowmobile stud.  This stud will measure 3/8” over the lug, giving you great bite and ideal long term wear.  The ideal backer to pair with a stud this size is our XL series backers, which is the default backer in our stud kits.

To measure your lug, makes sure to measure from the top of the track as the bottom is not counted in the lug height and will result in an inaccurate number.

Want to verify the lug height on your snowmobile?  Enter the information in the guide below: