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Snowmobile Studs For 1.5 Track

The 1.5 lug height was originally common as an aftermarket track but has become more popular on snowmobiles from the factory as of late.  This lug height is common on Ripsaw and  Storm tracks.  Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo and Yamaha all have models with a 1.5” lug.

A 1.5 inch track should use a 1.625” snowmobile stud.  It should be run with our XL or SP series backer in combination with a 5/8” nut.  The Ski-Doo sleds after 2008 will feature a single ply track and require use of our SP series stud kit.

To measure the lug on your track, you’ll need to make sure to measure from the top of the track.  The bottom is about 1/4” thick and will throw off your measurement.

Want to know if your sled has a 1.5” track?  Enter the details of your snowmobile below in the guide to find out.