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Snowmobile Studs For 1.25 Track

By far the most common trail track, the 1.25 lug provides ideal traction and durability for hard pack.  It is found on flagship trail sleds by Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo and Yamaha.  If you have a newer trail sled chances are you have a 1.25 inch lug.

The stud recommended for a 1.25 inch lug is a 1.325” or a 1.375” length snowmobile stud.  They both get you about 3/8” over the lug for ideal combo of great traction and maximized longevity. Either size is so close that you cannot go wrong with either.

If you are looking to measure your lug, always measure from the top of the track up.  The bottom of the track is not part of the lug height and will end up with a stud way too tall.

No easy access to your sled? No problem, enter your snowmobile information in the guide below and we’ll tell you what track came on it.