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Fast Trac Top Gun Stud Kits

270+ Reviews
Made In USA

Enter your snowmobile to find your stud kit.

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Why Stud Your Snowmobile

Improved Acceleration

Improved Braking

Improved Handling and Predictablitity

A Stud Kit Like Nobody Else

TracProtect™ Design

Top Gun stud kits feature exclusive TracProtect™ Design. Our stud kits have a thin profile head and unque backer geometry to evenly compress the track without pinch points. Our Airlite™ polymer backers add an extra element or protection with a smooth raidus and engineered flex point when encountering an object like a rock under the snow.

TracSpec™ templates = maximum scratch lines

  • -Template library features almost 100 unique templates specific to track length, stud quantity and backer type
  • -2-Ply templates range from 36-44 scratch lines
  • -Placed in the strongest part of track for maximum longevity
  • -No sacrafice in template to accomidate multiple patterns
  • -Balanced to keep track alignment true


Stainless Steel to keep your sled Mint!

A 100% Rust-Free Kit when using SS or aluminium nut

Heat treated to grade 8 bolt standard for maximum bend resisitance

Shoulder-less design and thin profile head allow stud to sit flush in track, protecting idler wheels and running gear

Improve curb appeal when selling with no rust on studs

Less weight = more power

Top Gun Stud Kits are up to 15% lighter than the competition

Reduced rotating mass allows you to more effeciently put power to the ground

Less weight means less strain on the track

Airlite™ Polymer Backers