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How To Install Studs In Your Snowmobile Track

00:00 Intro

00:46 Clearance and Tunnel Protection

01:49 Tools Needed

02:15 Track Template

05:08 Marking Track With Template

07:31 Drilling Track

09:38 Pushing Studs Into Track

10:39 Drilling 2nd Double Backer Hole

11:40 Tightening Studs

15:41 Make Sure All Studs Are Tightened

16:13 Placing Belt Back On & Addressing Track Tension

16:43 Carbide Runner Recommendation


Tunnel protectors must be installed to use studs.  The best resource for these is  your local OEM dealer. If you need further help please contact us at


Never install studs in damaged or deteriorated track


Always verify proper clearance between track and tunnel


Installing studs affects the turning ability of the snowmobile and must be matched with a more aggressive carbide runner


Confirm the studs you received are the correct length. The sold as length = effective length. There is some variation to the measurements in the table below.


If you are short any parts or have any other concerns, please contact us right away and we’ll get replacements sent out.

Effective Length

Overall Length

Effective Length

Overall Length


















Always make sure you have the proper length and quantity for your machine. Check out our application guide if unsure:


All Stud Kit and Stud orders included free access to the Tracspec™ Printable Template library via email. If you did not receive email with subject line “ACCESS TO STUD TEMPLATE LIBRARY”, please check your spam folder.  All templates are specific to track length and kit.


Verify template does not go below any tunnel protectors 


Tools needed: Track Cutting Tool, Drill, Marker, Template, Impact Wrench, T25 Wrench or bit, 1/2” Deep well socket, Ratchet, marker. 

Drilling Track


  1. Confirm Template is correct before drilling
  2. Mark Track using template
  3. Confirm hole placement is not under tunnel protection
  4. Make sure there is no obstructions on other side of track when drilling
  5. Drill holes using 5/16 track cutting tool
  6. Push through studs using long screwdriver and leveraging it against hyfax
  7. Place backer and nut and hand tighten (Note: Top Gun Tall nuts require red locktite, Lock nuts do not)
  8. Tighten studs till head is flush into track
  9. Verify all studs have been tightened and adjust track tension to OEM specification in owners manual


We recommend using an impact to tighten.  Hand tightening is not recommended but if you choose to keep in mind there will NOT be a point where you bottom out and can’t tighten further. Once the head of the stud is flush in the track, it is complete.

Notice: Due to our shoulder-less stud design and various track hardness, we do not have a specific torque spec. When the stud is flush in the track, it is complete.

DO NOT USE A DRILL BIT TO FOR PUTTING HOLES INTO TRACK. A specific track cutting tool must be used. Using a drill bit can result in damaging your track. 

Notice: Using less than recommended stud quantity for your machines horsepower and ridding style can result in premature wear or damage to the track and stud kit.