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How many studs for a 137 track

One of the most popular tracks as of late, the 137” track can be found on a lot of snowmobiles.  Mainly considered a cross over track, but a trail on Arctic Cat and Yamaha.  The Ski-Doo models are a 1-ply track while all other manufactures run a 2-ply on this length.  

The 137” track has a 2.86” pitch (measurement between lugs) giving it 48 windows.  Yes that’s right your 137” track takes the same amount of studs as your old 121” trail sled!

A 2 studs per row pattern is 96 studs.

 A 3 studs per row pattern is 144 studs.

 A 4 studs per row pattern is 192 studs.

 The 2 per row pattern is ideal for sleds with 600 or below engines.  The 3 and 4 per row patterns are ideal for aggressive 600s, and above.

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