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How many studs for a 120 track

The two main deciders of quantity when studding a track are engine power and track length. In many cases a shorter track can have more studs than a longer track.  This is due to the spacing between lugs, referred to as the drive pitch.  The pitch comes in 2.52, 2.86 and 3.00.

The 120 is a 2.86 pitch track and has 42 windows. It’s a popular track equipped on XP and XS Ski-Doo MXZ models and was also found on the Polaris Rush for many years.

2 studs per window pattern comes out to 84 Studs.

3 studs per window pattern comes out to 126 Studs.

4 studs per window pattern comes out to 168 Studs.

The 2 per pattern is ideal for 600 and smaller engines.  It is also the recommendation from Ski-Doo for all sized engines but may leave some aggressive riders wanting more traction.

The 3 per row pattern is common on the 600, 800 and 850.  It offers great traction for those wanting to ride more aggressive. 

4 studs per window pattern should only be run on high horsepower machines equipped with a 2-ply track.  To find out if you have a 2-ply or a 1-ply track, enter you Snowmobile information below.