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Can you use single-ply (1-ply) studs in a 2-ply track?

Since the 2008 season, tracks have come in 1 and 2-ply variations. The ply is the fiberglass cords that run horizontally in the track. The tracks are very similar and have about the same thickness, and the only way to tell them apart is to look in the window and count the rows of cords: 1 row = 1 ply, 2 rows = 2-ply.


What’s the difference between a 1 and 2-ply stud?  

On our Top Gun series, the only difference is the diameter of the stud head and backer. The SP (single-ply) studs have a larger diameter to compensate for the weaker track. Other than that, our Top Gun series is the same stud. The Airlite SP backer is thicker than the XL and has a larger diameter.


Can you put single-ply studs in a 2-ply track?

Yes, you can run our Top Gun SP series in 1 and 2-ply tracks and 2.86 and 2.52 pitches. This is due to our shoulder-less design on the stud and airlite backer. This is not the case with all manufacturers and only the Fast-Trac Top Gun series. Not everyone’s stud mates to the track as easy as ours.

single ply stud in 2-ply track

Top Gun SP series in 2-ply Cobra 1.35 Track

Is there a benefit to using single-ply studs in a 2-ply track?

In theory, the larger surface head will be more resistant to pullouts. In our experience, it is unnecessary. The 2-ply tracks have a lot of strength, and you are better off running the less expensive and lighter-weight Top Gun II series stud.


Can you use single-ply backers with 2 ply studs?

With our kits, yes, they are compatible. Most customers that run doubles use our SP Double to match the XL round single backer in 2-ply tracks.


Can you use a Top Gun II stud in a 1-ply track?

No, the 2-ply stud does not have the surface area necessary for the 1-ply track. The Top Gun SP series head has about 24% larger surface area than the Top Gun II.  


Can I use an Airlite or Airlite XL backer with a single-ply stud?

No, these do not have the surface area necessary to mate with the SP stud, and most use an Airlite SP backer.


Note: These recommendations are for Fast-Trac Top Gun series stud kits. If you have a different brand, you must check with them for cross-compatibility.