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Can You Stud An Ice Ripper Track: Answered With FAQ

ice ripper track with snowmobile studs

A common question we get every year is can I stud an ice ripper track? There is a big warning on the track that says do not install studs, and it freaks many people out. The truth is yes, you can stud an ice ripper, ice attack, ice cobra, or ice storm. There are some caveats you must pay attention to and a lot of misinformation online that we’ll clear up.

Why does it say not to stud?

We do not know and have had customers studding them since their inception over ten years ago with no issues. It may have come out of the legal team, so they don’t have any liability, but we’ll never know. This experience is with our Top Gun series studs, which we believe to be easier on the track than any other kit on the market. Experience may be different from other traction companies.

When not to stud an ice ripper?

You don’t want to put studs in an old, worn track like any install. As tracks age and miles put on, they weaken, and you don’t want to add stress to a track that cannot handle it.

When to stud an ice ripper or pre-studded track?

If the traction the track provides is inadequate for your riding and your track is in good condition, then you should install standard snowmobile studs.

Can I run fewer studs in an ice ripper or pre-studded track than a standard track?

No. While you might think the existing studs will help with traction and support, when you install traditional studs, they will stick up higher than the lug studs and bear all the load. So, running the recommended amount for your motor HP and track length is advised.

I want the most traction possible. Should I get a pre-studded track and put studs in it?

No, do not do that. You’ll end up with extra weight with no benefit as the traditional studs will bear all the load, and lug studs will be rendered ineffective on hard surfaces.

Common myths

-Ice rippers or similar variants are single-ply

Yes, some ice tracks are single-ply, but not all of them. Factory tracks from Ski-Doo will be 1-ply, and factory tracks from Polaris will be 2-ply. Aftermarket tracks come in both variations. You can read this article for a fast way to check if your track is 1 or 2-ply.

-You have to use single-ply studs in ice rippers.

Touching on the last point, you can match the correct stud to the ply and do not have to run 1-ply studs in a 2-ply ice ripper. 

Overall, pre-studded tracks are a great benefit for snowmobile safety as a whole. Every year, there are people who want to try the ice ripper, but it falls short of their traction needs, and end up putting in traditional studs. If you fall in that category, put your snowmobile in the finder below, and we’ll help you get the better traction you are after.