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Can you put 192 studs (4 per row) in the center?

Big horsepower means a lot of studs, but with the trend of only studding the center, can 4 per row fit?

Under the right circumstances, yes you can stud 4 per row in the center of the track.

Types of Backers needed

You must use double backers to stud 4 per row in the center to get a good amount of scratch lines. With single backers, the spacing is much wider than a double, and with the constraints of the center and edge of the track, there is not enough room to get a unique pattern.

Patterns for 4 per row


Here at Fast-Trac, we are the only ones with a pattern you can use to do 4 per row in the center using double backers. You must request a custom pattern from us, as we do not publish it in the template library.

With our pattern, you'll have 8 unique rows delivering 32 scratch lines. Access to the templates is included with all stud kits and is the only way to get access to this template.

2-Ply and 1-Ply Tracks

With a 2-ply track, this template is not a concern and can run without worry.  

On a 1-ply track, you must run with caution and constantly keep an eye on the track. Single-ply tracks generally have a shelf life of about 5,000 miles, so we only advise doing this on a new or close-to-new track. Even if the track is older and looks good, the rubber does weaken over time regardless of usage, and the track should be replaced before running a 4-per-row pattern, ideally with a 2-ply track.

We have not had any issues with customers running this pattern, but it is rare, so data on it is limited. 

Curious if you have a 1 or a 2 ply track?  You can enter your snowmobile in our stud kit recommendation or view our instructions on a visual inspection.

Studding the center vs the outside?

You'll need to utilize the outside of the track if you want maximum traction. The difference in scratch lines is significant between the two, 32 down the center and 50 if you use the outside windows. Why is it so big? By utilizing a single backer in the center, we can place the studs between the double backer studs that can't be reached by keeping them in the safe zones of the track.

If you want maximum protection and don't want to stud the outside due to fear of tear out, then the 4 per row using double backers up the center is the best choice.

Downsides to studding 4 per row down the center

First is scratch lines; with only so much real estate and not using single backers, we lose the ability to get those extra scratch lines. 32 scratch lines is a great amount; it's still more than a competitor's template that utilizes that gets about 24-22 scratch lines using the outside belt.

It's not the easiest pattern to install. We make it easy, though, and advise drilling all the outside holes first and pushing the studs through. Drill the extra double backer with a 3/8" bit so the track-cutting tool fits through the hole. Place the backer on the studs and drill through the large hole. Using this method will provide you with perfect spacing.

This pattern is most commonly used on the Sidewinder or ZR9000 snowmobiles. These machines often come with quiet pad tracks. While you can drill and stud through these quiet pads. When using double backers, we recommend trimming them in the stud location so the stud can sit flush in the track. Studs placed on the quiet pad can often be a little crooked, which is not a big deal with a single backer, but a double backer can pose spacing problems or put unneeded stress on the backer.


Studding 4 per row on the inside is not a template we recommend, but it makes sense for those wanting maximum traction using only the center belt. There is a small trade-off of less traction using only the center, but you make up for it in the added durability through the strength of the center of the track. If you have any questions on this pattern or want to run it, please contact us.