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1.25/1.352/1.50 129 1.375/1.625 90 135

The stock track on the snowmobile you selected has multiple track options

1.25/1.352" lug, 129" length with 45 windows 
1.5" lug, 129" length with 45 windows 
Verify lug height by measuring from top of track
For the 1.25/1.352" lug we recommend our

1.375" Top Gun II Kit.

*1.352" Cobra track has effective lug height of 1.25"

For the 1.500" lug we recommend our

1.625" Top Gun II Kit.

Recommended quantity for Basic Trail is


Recommended quantity for Performance Trail is 


Basic Trail quantity is ideal for improved braking, handling and overall predictability of your snowmobile. It is the minimum you should run in your track. 


Snowmobile stud kit 2 per row

Advance Trail quantity is for riders that uses full throttle application and are seeking to maximize performance of the machine.  As well as improved braking, handling and predictability.

Click Here To View 1.375" 90 QTY Kit

 Click Here To View 1.375" 135 QTY Kit

Click Here To View 1.625" 90 QTY Kit

Click Here To View 1.625" 135 QTY Kit



Looking for a more advanced stud pattern? Click Here

Check out this link if you have an aftermarket track for choosing correct application. Click Here